Hydroairy Ship

Ship description

Hydroairy Ship

A hydroairy ship is designed in a way which has a diminished resistance of waves than the catamaran and SWATH, and with dependence on the engine power installed, a Hydroairy achieves greater speed.

The tubes under the weight of the ship body and the load on board are partly floating underwater thus considerably offsetting the wave resistance at higher speeds. A hydroairy is, thusly, similar to a catamaran, except that the Hydroairy tubes are partially floating underwater.

The Hydroairy hull is made of two round-tube rollers joined by ribs, a keel and paneling. The two-roller hull design allows simple fabrication and assures a high degree of sea safety.

The hull with its sections is connected to the hydrodynamic tubes to the effect that the ship cuts through the waves with her lower hydrodynamic tubes only. In fact, she moves through both water and air, whereby the transitional line is overruled i.e. the discontinuous resistance of waves avoided.

Ship caracteristic

This type of vessel owes its constructional simplicity to the hydrodynamic tubes and the rollers installed in the hill (round-shaped tubes) as well as foolproof connections between them.

The vessel can be loaded without a safety risk above the waterline with the lower tubes completely submerged. However, in this case the speed should be limited.


The Hydroairy ship is made in more versions:

  • a Hydroairy Apartment Ship,
  • a Hydroairy Passenger Ship,
  • a Hydroairy Ecological Ship,
  • a Hydroairy Ferryboat.


In view of the aforesaid, the advantages of a Hydroairy ship in relation to a catamaran and swath can be listed as follows:

  • easier fabrication,
  • a big volume space relative to displacement,
  • higher speed relative to installed engine power,
  • lower weight relative to useful load capacity,
  • higher navigation safety,
  • better performance on waves, that is with smaller waves at sea roughness 3 the ship basically does not vascillate.
  • all Hydroairy ship designs are properly registered at the Patent office under the file no. P20010438A.
Hydroairy Ship Hydroairy Ship
Hydroairy Ship