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"Mikrotehna" d.d. was established as "Uteg" in 1952 in Zagreb.

To this day the company is mostly in manufacturing metal, plastic, paper, wood and rubber goods, as well as constructing cooling systems and central heating systems and servicing and weight-matching measurement technologies, we are also specialized in mass scales.

Our occupation is acceptance of new innovations referring to swimming pools, windows and house doors (wood-plastic carpeting), and the current most enticing hydroairy ship.

Our motto congregates any type of serious cooperation with a purpose in hiring new people, having a successful rise and improving life quality standards.

Mikrotehna d.d.

Phone: +385 1 492 33 31
Fax: +385 1 492 33 77
E-mail: info@mikrotehna.hr
Address: Draškovićeva 58, 10000 Zagreb
Web: www.mikrotehna.hr
Registered no.: 3269434
Account no.: 2360000-1101401716 (Zagrebačka banka)

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Hydroairy Ship